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Classroom of studentsWelcome Students!

We invite you to work with youth from your school and around the world to prevent and eliminate on-going child victimization and exploitation.

We also encourage you to share your good ideas on how your peers can help these children, and tell us what you are doing to make a difference.

 Youth Advocacy

The exploitation and victimization of youth around the world is a reality. However, you can help prevent it, and learn to advocate on behalf of yourself, and on behalf of other children and youth around the world. If you want to learn how to
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Youth Like You

Do you know how kids in other countries live? One way to find out is to read their stories. You may be the same age, but did you know?

  • Many kids work 60 or more hours a week, and cannot go to school
  • Many kids are injured or exploited, and have nowhere to turn for help
  • Many kids are hungry and living in the streets, and have no one to trust
  • Many kids are forced to join armies, and are killed if they try to escape

In many ways you may be very much alike, yet lead very different lives.

Your Story and Your Ideas

This site is for you, which means we want to hear your ideas on how people around the globe can help to improve the lives of children and youth in your own country and around the world. We also would like you to share with us what you are already doing to improve the lives of these children. You can also tell us how you live  (briefly, your response has to fit in the form below:). We may post your stories and ideas on the website for other kids to read.

Learn More

Explore our website and find out about the different issues we work on by clicking on the issue titles below the images on our home page and reading our issue booklets and reports.