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Bringing concise, accurate, and up-to-date information to the public and policy-makers about issues impacting the world’s youth is one primary activity of YAP International. Our booklet series on a variety of international youth victimization and exploitation focuses on current and emerging issues.

Each booklet provides an introduction to the subject that readers and partners tell us is interesting and appropriate for high school and college students, teachers, professors, policy-makers, and anyone else interested in learning more about these topics.

Click on the cover image to view the pdf of an issue booklet. Printed hard copies are available. Mail or fax a publication order form to receive print copies.

Slavery coverModern Child Slavery: The Coercion and Exploitation of Youth Worldwide © 2002
This booklet highlights the conditions of millions of children today who are coerced to perform grueling work, are controlled through violence and receive no pay for the work they are forced to do.

Stateless booklet coverStateless Children: Youth Who Are Without Citizenship, © 2002  This booklet highlights the vulnerability of the millions of children today who are not officially recognized as citizens of any country.

Discrimination against the Girl ChildDiscrimination Against the Girl Child:  Female Infanticide, Female Genital Cutting and Honor Killing, © 2000 
The sixth booklet in YAP-International’s series on international youth issues describes practices that rob girl children of control over their persons and, in some instances, rob them of their very lives. It examines the cultural and practical motivations behind female infanticide, female genital cutting and honor killing and explores what is being done to put an end to these human rights abuses.

hiv coverChildren & the HIV/AIDS Crisis: Youth who are Infected & Affected, © 1999  The crisis that HIV/AIDS has created in the lives of children and youth around the world compelled YAP International to write Children and the HIV/AIDS Crisis.  Young people have the highest rate of new HIV infections worldwide, and millions of children are orphaned and abandoned because their parents and other family members have died of AIDS.  This booklet provides a valuable overview of a subject we dare not ignore.

jailcoverChildren Behind Bars: Youth who are Detained, Incarcerated & Executed, © 1999  International treaties, conventions and rules stipulate standards for the humane treatment of children who are detained or incarcerated.  However, detained and incarcerated children often are held in substandard conditions and denied access to education, adequate medical care, due process and other services.  This booklet provides an overview of factors that put children at risk of incarceration and identifies the international standards that protect the rights of these children.  The booklet also discusses the effects of incarceration and the death penalty for youthful offenders.

comm sexual coverCommercial Sexual Exploitation of Children: Youth Involved in Prostitution, Pornography & Sex Trafficking, second printing, © 2000 
Around the world hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of children are involved in the sex trade. Our third booklet in a series on international youth issues focuses on these children.  This booklet provides an overview of factors that put children at risk of entering the sex trade and identifies the practices of those who profit from and abuse these children.  The booklet also enumerates efforts to stop this abuse, as outlined by the First World Congress Against the Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children.

child soldier coverChild Soldiers: Youth who Participate in Armed Conflict, second printing, © 1999  
Child Soldiers, the first booklet in our series on international youth issues, provides an overview of the conditions and treatment of the estimated 250,000 children who fight in wars around the world. This booklet describes the impact soldiering has on children and steps being taken to end this abuse. Child Soldiers provides a solid introduction to the issue and includes a list of sources for more information.

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