YAPI- Education

YAP International works to ensure that people throughout the United States and the world are aware of the ongoing victimization, exploitation, and violence that many children face everyday.

These resources are for children, older students, teachers, NGOs, international policy-makers, associations, and concerned individuals everywhere.

India School

Photo credit: Patrick Schoof (India)

Child Rights and Exploitation Education

YAP International informs students, teachers, and the public through our online resources, expanding outreach programs, and a series of course curriculum modules for schools. The curriculum modules currently include: child slavery, commercial sexual exploitation of children, child soldiers, and children infected and affected by HIV/AIDS.

These modules are designed with both teachers and students in mind. Each module can be downloaded easily from the Internet (for free) and contains all the materials a teacher needs to introduce an issue (teacher’s guide, discussion questions, activity ideas, PowerPoint presentation). In less than an hour, a teacher can have a clear, basic understanding of an issue, customize the lesson for their specific classroom needs, and be ready to explain the basics of the issue to their students with confidence.

Our outreach programs are tailored to meet the needs of groups and associations, and the needs of both children and youth who are preparing papers, attending a conference or event, or traveling to a foreign country. If you would like to give a presentation on one of these issues, simply select any issue, download the materials, study the module, modify it to meet your time frame, and call us if you have questions. With advance notice, we are often available to offer presentations, anywhere in the world.

globe appleThe goals of the Education and Outreach program, among others, are:

  1. to foster awareness among students, teachers, and the public, about the international victimization and exploitation of children worldwide
  2. to provide resources for continued learning about these issue areas
  3. to encourage constructive, on-going dialogue
  4. to generate support for the promotion and protection of the rights and welfare of children worldwide
  5. to help ensure a better life for children wherever they may live

YAP International is seeking support for our education program. If you are interested in sponsoring the program, promoting our work, hosting a fundraiser, or making a personal contribution, click here.