Ongoing and Past Activities

The following summary of our activities and accomplishments illustrates the diversity of our work, it should in no way be considered a full and complete list of our committee work or activities. If you would like a full list of the committees and coalitions on which we serve, please visit our Committees page.


 On-Going Activities

  • Provide presentations, training workshops, program coordination, and advocacy leadership
  • Participate in issue, advocacy, and program development campaigns and committees
  • Review and update policy documents, issue statements, and advocacy campaign plans
  • Consult with international governmental and non-governmental organizations
  • Disseminate books and information to partners and international agencies
  • Answer questions of students and other interested individuals
  • Development of a program for Youth Empowerment and Peace
  • Development of a preventive program for at risk youth based on restorative justice, literacy, and spirituality
  • Exploitation of commonalities between child solider and gang youth
  • Exploitation of models for school-based, cross-border learning of common environmental issues

Past Activities